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LHI is short for Light Heavy Industries, founded by William Light the company focuses on developing and distributing audio software. For the symbol we used light reflecting on a surface as an inspiration and it has the initials of the founder hidden within this shape. 

In the 1920s, the United States attempted to ban the production and sale of alcohol, thereby banning alcohol consumption in the USA. Needless to say they failed miserably. Throughout the entire country secret bars appeared in no time. These bars were accessible through bookcases, floor hatches and hidden doors, only for those who knew of them. The so-called speakeasy bars.

Due to the spacial limitations of the Stockroom they decided to use this mysterious era as their main source of inspiration. They then managed to create a place like no other. The identity we designed for them had to reflect this vibe. 

Brand Identity


LHI audio



The logo can be used in many ways depending on the applications.


We tested various applications and created some stunning stationary to go with the logo, by keeping it simple and only using a few colors we managed to keep it very clean. 



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